What is a Loan Pingtree and How Does It Work?

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A loan pingtree is a helpful tool that allows borrowers to submit their loan application to multiple lenders at the same time. It then sells the application to the lender who offers the highest bid. This is a great way for affiliates to earn commissions by selling leads, and for lenders to purchase high-quality leads at affordable prices.

Here’s how it works: when a loan application is received, it “pings” each lender in the system and evaluates the offers until it finds the lender with the best price. Pingtrees are widely used in the payday loans industry and have been successful in the US, UK, Australia, and other countries for over a decade.

The brokers or intermediaries who own the pingtrees onboard different lenders onto their system. When an application comes in, the customer’s details are shared with multiple lenders simultaneously. These details include the customer’s age, credit score, income, and loan requirements. This allows lenders to bid for the application, and it is ultimately sold to the lender with the highest bid, which can range from $0.01 for low-quality leads to $250 for the best quality leads.


  • Discover how pingtrees help facilitate the real-time sale of customer loan applications to lenders.
  • Pingtrees are widely used in the payday loan industry, often involving over 50 lenders in a single pingtree.
  • Applications are systematically sent down the tree, “pinging” each lender individually.
  • Brokers have the option to feature pingtrees on their websites using iFrames or APIs.
  • Valuable applications can be sold for as high as $250, even while customers with poor credit may start at just $0.01.

Understanding the Working of Loan Pingtrees

Here is a breakdown of how loan pingtrees work, in a simple and friendly manner:

Step 1: When a borrower applies for a loan on a website that has a pingtree, they are usually seeking a payday loan of around $500 or a similar amount. You can find more information about borrowing here.

Step 2: The borrower’s loan application is instantly processed by the pingtree in real-time. This means that the application is quickly matched with multiple potential lenders such as private lenders, banks, credit card companies, apps, and credit unions.

Step 3: Let’s say the borrower has a good credit score. Their lead is then sold for $50. The company that owns the pingtree receives a 10% commission of $5, while the website owner receives a 90% commission of $45 for generating the original lead. The lender pays $50 for this lead, with the hope of funding the customer’s loan and making a profit through interest charges.

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Here’s an Example of Loan Pingtree

How Do Pingtrees Benefit Lenders?

If you are a lender, you may wonder how you can efficiently purchase a large number of leads. This is where pingtrees come in. They provide a seamless process through an API that allows you to specify your risk and credit criteria and update them as needed.

By working with the broker who owns the pingtree, you can establish your price points and set a daily, weekly, or monthly budget. It is not uncommon for lenders to invest thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars per month in leads. The great thing is, you can easily measure the results since you know that these leads align with your specific criteria and have the potential to be qualified and funded.

Buying leads through pingtrees is a fast and cost-effective way for lenders to generate traffic. It often outperforms other marketing methods such as PPC, SEO, emails, direct mailers, cold calling, and TV advertisements, which can be more expensive.

How Loan Pingtrees Can Benefit Affiliates and Brokers?

If you’re an affiliate, you have the opportunity to create your own website and offer loans to your visitors. By simply embedding one of the broker’s forms on your site, you can start earning commission as soon as borrowers begin filling in applications. Many forms are easily copied and pasted into your website, while some may require API integration for more advanced features.

To get started as an affiliate, you can sign up with reputable affiliates like StopGo, Dot818, Zero Parallel, and Leads Market. Along with gaining access to a live form, you’ll also have the ability to track your results and commissions in real-time through a reporting dashboard and login.

How Does Loan Pingtree Integration Work?

If you’re interested in integrating with a loan pingtree, let’s walk through the process! It all begins with the original pingtree owner or broker who initiates the integration. They have the capability to integrate lenders and their specific requirements by utilizing APIs.

Now, for affiliates like yourselves, the integration process is typically much simpler. You just need to embed an iFrame onto your application form page. Don’t worry, it’s super easy! You can simply copy the provided iFrame code and paste it onto your page. To get a better idea, take a look at some examples below:

How Brokers Can Generate Leads for Their Loan Pingtree

There are several friendly and helpful ways for brokers or affiliates to attract traffic to their website. It’s crucial to ensure that these methods are legal and do not involve stealing or reusing data without permission. Some popular strategies include:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): By implementing various techniques such as creating quality content, building links, and applying technical expertise, brokers can improve their website’s visibility on Google’s search results. Although it may take a few months to see results, the traffic generated through SEO is usually of high quality.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising: Brokers can pay for ads on search engines like Google. However, it’s important to adhere to strict regulations regarding the terms of payday loans. Bidding on keywords related to loans and borrowing money is recommended.

Affiliate Channels: Utilizing other affiliate channels and methods can help brokers generate loan applications and traffic. This can involve placing ads on third-party websites, running promotions, or offering special deals.

Direct Mailers: Sending out flyers or promotions via traditional mail can also attract traffic and applications to your website. However, this method is rarely the primary choice for most marketing campaigns.

Email Marketing: In the US, email marketing is highly popular. This involves purchasing email addresses and sending out emails to promote your loan services. While the quality of these leads may vary, the scalability of email marketing is significant.

Why Loan Pingtrees are Great!

Did you know that using pingtrees can bring you a lot of benefits? Let’s explore some of them:

For lenders, pingtrees are an incredible tool for narrowing down the type of traffic you want. You can easily adjust your risk requirements and change your budgets as needed. In fact, some of the largest lenders in the US and UK rely on pingtrees as their main source of lead generation and growth.

If you’re an affiliate, pingtrees offer a quick and highly effective way to monetize your traffic. You can earn for every single application you generate, making it a potentially profitable business for you.

Now, let’s talk about customers and borrowers! When they’re looking for a loan, pingtrees provide them with instant decisions and almost always guarantee a loan offer. If they have good credit, they’ll even be recommended to a lender with very favorable terms. But don’t worry if they have a bad credit score and their loan application isn’t worth much – there are always options further down the tree. Buyers at the bottom might offer them a credit card, a credit union loan, or an alternative product like a title loan.

As you can see, loan pingtrees can truly benefit all parties involved – lenders, affiliates, and customers. Give it a try and discover the advantages for yourself!

The Downsides of Loan Pingtrees

Loan pingtrees may have some drawbacks for borrowers, but don’t worry, we’re here to help you understand them better. Although you have the chance to get approved for a loan, there are a few things to consider. One downside is that you might be offered a higher interest rate since it is sold to the highest bidder. Additionally, you may not realize that you could actually secure much lower rates from other lenders. It’s also important to note that when your application is reviewed by multiple lenders, it may undergo multiple soft credit searches. While this is not harmful in the long-term, it can have a short-term disadvantage as having too many credit searches might give the impression that you are desperate for a loan.

For borrowers, it can sometimes be challenging to distinguish between a pingtree and a basic lender form, making it hard to ensure the safety of your personal information. In certain cases, especially in the UK, customers have had their details shared repeatedly, leading to an overwhelming amount of emails, text messages, and phone calls. However, regulatory bodies have been working diligently to address this issue and protect customers.

While not a major issue, affiliates who use pingtrees should be aware that they might be able to earn more with different partners. Some lenders who offer competitive rates only collaborate with specific pingtrees, leaving a small risk that there could be better opportunities available elsewhere.

How Can You Maximize Your Commissions with Loan Pingtrees?

If you want to earn higher commissions of $50, $100, or even $250 per application, as an affiliate, it’s important to target customers with good credit scores, stable incomes, and homeownership statuses. These attributes increase the chances of finding qualified customers.

Additionally, it’s beneficial to search for individuals who have not yet been in the pingtree system. This will present them as fresh and make them more attractive to lenders, resulting in higher purchase prices.

Considering that the majority of applications are sold for only $0.10, it’s crucial to focus on attracting quality customers and generating good traffic to ensure your efforts are worthwhile.

Can every application be sold?

Yes, the majority of applications go through a process called a pingtree, where interested buyers compete to offer their services to customers. The buyers who are willing to pay more are often attracted to customers with good credit and strong profiles.

Even if you have bad credit, there are still options available. Credit unions and title loan companies may offer you products that are secured against your car. Additionally, there are companies at the bottom of the tree that offer assistance with debt, debt management, and debt consolidation. While they may not directly provide a loan, they can help you improve your financial situation.

Are Pingtrees Beneficial for Customers?

If you’re facing difficulties getting approved for a loan or have a low credit score, a pingtree can be a great option. It enables you to submit your loan requirements to over 50 lenders at once, increasing your chances of receiving a loan offer or quote.

However, if you have good credit or are considered a reliable borrower, it may be more beneficial for you to approach a bank or private lender directly. They can offer you interest rates lower than 36% APR, or alternatively, you could consider borrowing from your family and friends with no interest at all.

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