QR Codes- How Best to Use Them and Why They are So Important

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This piece was submitted by GreenJinn, the cashback app for everyday groceries.

We’re really excited about QR codes!

QR codes were actually invented way back in 1994. It’s incredible to think about how they’ve become so popular all around the world.

At GreenJinn, we’ve always been big fans of QR codes, which is why we include them in our GreenJinn Treasure feature. But we never expected to see them popping up everywhere in recent years – from shop windows to graffiti on the ground, and even when ordering drinks at pubs.

We’ve seen some amazing examples of QR code usage (aside from the brands we work with). For example, earlier this year, Coinbase created a 60-second ad that simply showed a QR code bouncing around on the screen, and it went viral!

Discover the Benefits of QR Codes

In today‘s world, the cost of digital marketing has skyrocketed, making it challenging for businesses to keep up. However, there is a solution that can help you share more information without overcrowding your media – QR codes!

Not only can QR codes direct consumers to specific product pages, enhancing their interaction with your media, but they also simplify the consumer journey. With the impact of Covid, QR codes have become more common and familiar to people.

Unfortunately, many brands are not taking full advantage of QR codes, either by not using them at all or not utilizing them to their fullest potential. Don’t miss out on the benefits they can bring to your media!

Maximizing the Benefits of QR Codes at GreenJinn

When using QR codes, it’s important to provide a clear and compelling call to action (CTA). Simply directing people to your website to “find out more” doesn’t offer much value. Additionally, relying on QR scans alone to measure success is not sufficient.

Here at GreenJinn, we leverage QR codes through our innovative technology called “GreenJinn Treasure”. It allows us to provide consumers with a tangible call to action by offering in-store or online coupons. Through this approach, brands can track offline sales generated by their advertising campaigns, making their media efforts even more effective. GreenJinn Treasure not only demonstrates a brand’s media performance, but also provides valuable insights into consumer behavior after scanning the QR code. This allows us to harness the power of this online tool in an offline context.

Our Head of Business Partnerships, Vincent Murray, highlights the positive impact QR codes have had on creating impactful posters for the brands we collaborate with. Our partner brands have utilized proximity OOH advertising near retailer stores, seamlessly integrating our coupon technology into QR codes.

By offering consumers a tangible call to action with coupon incentives, we encourage them to visit the store and make a purchase. We strongly believe that businesses should use media to raise awareness, and QR codes provide an engaging incentive for consumers. Furthermore, we gain insights into the demographics of engaged and purchasing consumers, allowing for retargeting opportunities and ultimately driving sales and product trial.

Without a doubt, QR codes are here to stay.

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