You are submitting a request to be matched with one of our third party lenders. To offer you a loan, one or more of the third party lenders in our network of lenders need your consent to use and accept electronic signatures, records, legal disclosures, and other communications (“E-Consent”). pachyy.com makes no representations as to what, if any, communications you may receive from your lender.

This is intended to put you on notice of your rights when receiving disclosures, notices, and information. By clicking “I Consent,” or other links assenting to our terms, you acknowledge that you received this E-Consent and that you consent to conduct transactions using electronic signatures, electronic disclosures, electronic records, and electronic contractual documents (“Disclosures”).

Option For Paper Records / Disclosures

If you would like to receive a paper copy of any Disclosures, please contact your third party lender directly. These Disclosures may be available to you by the third party lender. Please note, some lenders may charge a fee for sending you paper copies of Disclosures. The Lender will retain all Disclosures as the applicable law requires.

Scope of Consent

This E-Consent applies to all interactions online between and concerning you and the third party lender and includes interactions engaged in on any mobile device, including smart-phones, phones, and tablets. The third party lender, through this E-Consent, may process your information and interact during all online interactions with you electronically. You may also receive notices sent electronically from the lender related to your interactions and transactions with the third party lender. Disclosures may be provided online at the third party lender’s website(s).

Consenting to do Business Electronically and System Requirements

Prior to deciding whether or not to conduct business electronically with a third party lender, please first consider whether you have the hardware and software capabilities required to do so. To access, obtain, and retain Disclosures electronically, the following computer software and hardware are required: 1) A PC or MAC compatible computer or other device capable of accessing the Internet; 2) access to a working email account; and 3) an Internet Browser software program that can support at least 128 bit encryption (i.e. Firefox, Internet Explorer, Netscape, etc.); 4) you may need Adobe Acrobat Reader X® or Foxit® to read some PDF documents; and 5) a printer or long-term storage device (i.e. computer disk drive). Please direct any questions you may have regarding these hardware and software requirements directly to the third party lender.

Modification of Consent Terms

pachyy.com reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at our discretion, without notice.

Withdrawing Your Consent

Your E-Consent for our lender-matching service and for our third party lenders’ consideration of your matching request cannot be withdrawn as it is a one-time transaction. Its legal effectiveness, validity, and enforceability will not be affected if you choose to withdraw this E-Consent. Upon being matched with one or more third party lenders, you may withdraw your E-Consent with any of those third party lenders at any time, and at no charge to you. Please note, if you withdraw your E-Consent prior to receiving a loan, you may be prevented from obtaining a loan from the lender.

Change of Contact Information

Please keep the third party lender up-to-date of any change(s) to your electronic address or mailing address. To update your information, you may log into the third party lender’s website or send the third party lender your updated information via mail.

Your Ability to Access Disclosures

By submitting an application, you assent to the terms of the disclosure. You acknowledge that you can access the disclosures in the formats designated above.